Dehaven Eye Clinic
DeHaven Eye Clinic exists to care for and improve your vision. That’s the mission we started with in 1964, and it’s the mission we continue to carry out today. Continuously on the forefront of technology, DeHaven has always delivered advanced treatment options for cataracts, including a range of intraocular lenses to treat cataracts and fit the specific needs of your eyes. Simultaneously, we strive to answer your questions and provide sound guidance concerning your vision health.

Expert Physicians

DeHaven is home to dedicated physicians
that offer expert care for all of your vision
health needs. From cataracts and diabetes
to glaucoma and refractive surgery, our
physicians understand your individual
concerns, always treating your eyes with
care and concern. DeHaven Eye Clinic
utilizes the most advanced medical
technology available along with the most
up-to-date procedures.